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Led floodlight factory: to know about the floodlight

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Led explosion-proof omni basically in real life is applied in a wider scope, because of their power can basically meet the demand of the use of different places, and from the appearance point of view, such a kind of the product itself also has a round and square, very simple to install, major performance relatively, the waterproof and dustproof or flammable and corrosion resistance are also better able to play out, they are a kind of real environmental protection and energy saving products, and it is also the ideal products, may be a lot of people for this kind of product is not particularly understand, if you really don't understand the omni these products, so suggest that we'd better be able to select the led floodlight factory to understand. Omni can be used in what place? Manufacturers in the production of led floodlight, this product is able to apply them in many different areas, we must know is this a kind of the product itself also has function of explosion-proof, and they can be installed in the gas station, chemical or metallurgical plant, there will be a large warehouse, workshop, factory, etc. , these different places will bring us a variety of different experiences, installation height basically between 5 m to 9 m. In general will have all our installations, a series of the most attractive has wall bracket style. In led floodlight manufacturer of equipment for installation, if want to install itself, at higher level, you can choose 150 megawatts, or is said 120 watts of explosion-proof device installed, the greater the power lighting range is more extensive, but we have to do is only 250 watts of power, that is to say, in the process of the installation, bigger if you want to install floodlight, so basically can't do, so we are to meet the real needs of the use of different places. Omni technology parameter is? Led floodlight on products in the process of installation, technical parameters for this kind of products, believe that most people should also understand, rated power in 40 w to 250 w, working voltage from 85 v to 260 v, the color temperature at around 4000, temperature at around 4500, manufacturers are all for lightweight aluminum alloy shell production, and it is especially suitable for in the explosive gas environment or combustible dust environment for use, also suitable for the temperature level in the environment of t1 ~ t6 to use, can be widely used in petroleum, mining, chemical, pharmaceutical or explosive dangerous operation such as electricity, even here also introduced more normalized operation device, meet the scope of the use of a variety of places.
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