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LED guardrail tube, let the city night to become colorful

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Today, countries are advocating to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, so now the large and medium-sized cities have the basic choice of energy-saving LED lights to beautify the city, and eliminated the neon lights. Are outstanding in lighting products and LED guardrail tube, is the city's preference, it not only energy conservation and environmental protection, and high brightness, it is made of high quality super bright LED light-emitting diodes (leds), low power consumption and long life. It solves the lamp brightness, the greater the consumption of energy is higher, the higher the power consumption. 1. Principle of LED guardrail tube is made up of red, blue and green three colors mixed so as to realize different kinds of color changes. It can appear different internal chip control to change color, and color change or block. It can also adjust the internal space, under the condition of the human eye scanning speed quickly, to achieve the visual effect of the gradient, and the visual effect and deepens, flicker, chasing, flowing water, let people enjoy the visual feast. 2. Characteristics of LED guardrail tube shell is made of flame retardant PC plastic, impact resistance, long life, uv protection, dust, in addition, he also has waterproof structure, so its use fixed number of year is very long, also need not worry about it in the outside the wind and rain all the year round. It can connect computer, cooperate with controller, synchronous control by computer, which in turn can show all sorts of design or text, can also changing colors, and color from shallow to deep and from deep to shallow. It can form a outdoor display screen, display video, animation, etc. So its use range is very wide. 3. Scope of application of LED guardrail tube is another name of LED digital tube, because it can be controlled by the computer the way of change. We can generally from park, overpasses, bar, see the billboard LED guardrail tube, it is decorated with buildings of the city at night, the city apply colours to a drawing gives is very beautiful, very busy. Because the appearance is different, so it give a person visual sense will be different, anyway it makes the city at night is more desirable, let a person feel the warm feeling, also will be more attract people come out to play in the evening. More information of the LED in: LED guardrail tube
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