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LED guardrail tube, the creator of dynamic city

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
In our 21st century today, has been transformed from muddy trail all roads lead to Rome for the road ahead, road, lakes and buildings, we can see everywhere in areas such as the dynamic light LED. LED guardrail tube can not only decorate the beauty of the city, but also as a safe passage for the city. In the middle of the road, beside the lake can see guardrail tube like a police separated road on both sides, make cars orderly traffic. ___________ there are many available to LED guardrail tube, city road, garden scenery, KTV, amusement landscape lighting. Not only can lighting also can build the atmosphere of the night, there is a sense of mystery. Work it makes a lot of scenic spots are the watch the night view as a selling point, not only the heat during the day with lamplight ornament made attractions than during the day the more aesthetic feeling, it attracted a lot of young people, the couple, parents to visit at night. This LED guardrail tube is made of colorful LED lights and outside long tubes, simple assembly, no power consumption, long life, high heat resistance, are some of the first companies advertising and compelling choice. According to its special materials and shapes, can be made into different shapes can be DIY as you like, this characteristic makes the reason many people choose it. 3. The color of the LED lights are basically three color synthesis, respectively is red, yellow, blue, the color of the 3 kinds of color is the basic and the starting point of illuminant of too, so use this three color in the tube, can constitute a variety of colors. LED display screen, guardrail tube can also be simulated at the bus station, shopping malls billboards we can all see them, also can use a computer to connect to display the contents of the remote control, such as shopping malls can be appeared in the New Year countdown. _____ the LED guardrail tube installation method is very simple, first install the lamp on the wall, and then can see the fitting waterproof equipment, if install many in sequence for installation, and finally connected to the power supply, check whether the power if you don't live even if replacement. Voltage and low voltage electric lamp need, it is not power consumption of the lamp. Also can make various effects, such as gradient, lightning, water effects, such as flavour on the tree next to the road, make silent trees become full of vitality in the night. More information of the LED in: LED guardrail tube
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