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Led lamp line and wash the wall lamp is the difference between what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Led lamp line and actually there is a certain difference between wash wall lamp, in view of the existing condition, most of the led wash wall lamp and line basically light is applied to some outdoor lighting between processing, however on the shape of it is more similar, but basically in the actual for installation, if on the face of it there is nothing too big difference, but in the practical application of absolutely still has certain difference, so between the two lights on earth have what difference? Conceptual differences in general, led lamp line is to wash the wall lamp in one, that is to say, there are some led lamp line, actually also is outside the scope of the led wash wall lamp, such as soft led decorative light, this kind of product is basically call it is the line of led lights. The difference on the installation in led wash wall lamp for installation, obviously, when they are with stents, according to the requirements of every place to conduct a comprehensive installation, but such an installation itself is the ability of flexible adjustment, but also is a big adjustment scale. This led lamp line are basically square led wash wall lamp, because itself is to support, so from the point of the design of appearance and not particularly in isolation. Differences in characteristics of the led lamp line basically is special flexible chandeliers, relatively low power consumption, and life is very long, especially prone to some bending, generally is the outline and outline of the building, or the billboards, and led wash wall lamp in the actual process of making accurate are like light like water washed metope, mainly used in building decoration lighting use, also can be used as more building outline outline. Lamps and lanterns USES the difference of parameter in the existing led lamp line for actual use in the process of using parameter will have more differences, such as in power led wash wall lamp basically is high power, the led lamp line are basically small power, so in this time must take extra attention. Install the difference led lamp line in the process of installation, basically all is carried out in accordance with the existing way of installation, and led wash wall light at the time of installation must be conducted in accordance with the height of the lighting installation, each metope between itself also has a certain interval, only the high power led small light to make it, and many more lines of light, in fact is very difficult to get what you want when installing an installation effect, led wash wall lamp in heat or waterproof difficulty relatively larger.
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