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Led lamp line effect stability will lead to better wash the wall effect

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
Led line light relative to the everyday use of some lighting will there is a big difference, they mainly is applied to the quantitative of some outdoor quantitative tools, but also has the certain function of lighting or decoration, but often in these lines of high-rise buildings are able to see the led lamp, led by line lamp can show a rainbow effect, even beautiful, has been more like businesses. ( A) Pay attention to product selection, if want to buy led lamp line, must notice to all product selection, then, when the line lights when it's in the actual use in a variety of different ways to conduct a comprehensive understanding, drive to pay attention to the products or is generally the power configuration, such as the power configuration, or some of these things, also related to the efficiency of the use of the product, has a relatively stable effect, if you want to use drive power, their configuration is reasonable, but also would lead to eat wash wall lamp, in the process of actual use electricity rate is relatively low, very stable and reliable, able to run more durable. ( 2) Different wattage led lights are being used in the actual process of line also want to consider their wattage, usually such a plan is completely can be custom-made, you also can basically meet the demand of different customers customized, be able to select a tile for a meter led lamp line, so the final ordering will not exceed 360000, and the heat dissipation is not very good, will show an effect of droop. ( 3) Different chip led line lamp contains a variety of different chip, chip to do relevant control, or lighting can form a kind of colour shade or is the feeling of change, and in the actual operation is very simple, relatively high flexibility, has the high power led lamp line of single design, if is more rows, then that in itself was a line of light a pattern, they're actually very pay attention to the width, the proportion of different manufacturers design will be different, and the range of height determines the final project, the height of the routine is between 500 mm to 1200 mm. ( 4) Light effect when choosing led lamp line, also want to consider the final effect of light source, because led line light source effect will directly affect the final cross flow, so no matter what the ultimate load change, current must remain the same.
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