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LED lamp line, select the myth of what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
LED lamp line just can know from its name should be its shape line type, then the LED lamp is a high-end flexible chandeliers, suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment and illumination of billboards. Can say this kind of LED lamp are all have seen, so when choosing what mistake? 1. LED lights the brighter the better the vast majority of people when choosing LED lamp line will feel as light as possible, but in fact this selection method is very wrong. Want to know, people for a long period of time under the strong light irradiation can produce visual fatigue, are more likely to happen, temporary blindness is very adverse to human body health. LED lights have a warm color to move, the light emitted from the light is very soft, and brightness is uniform, long hours of work in such a light or life will be more comfortable. 2. Leds harmonic big good say to harmonic a lot of people are confused about, the harmonic is what? Actually the harmonic is above the power supply and line current clutter, in addition to the sine wave in the clutter to also have a certain influence on the human body, so choose the time of the LED must be selected harmonic small rather than large. Of special note is even, the harmonic is great for a radio interference, will affect the space of household electrical appliances. 3. Flash frequency high much better understanding of the flash frequency all LED lights flash, can create the effect of cool, but really don't mean that. Flash frequency is, in fact, voltage instability and so on factors, flash frequency can let a space within the lighting effects, affect the person's visual effect. Of course, the manufacturer of high quality LED lights use flash frequency for a long time also is very easy to happen, but you must pay attention to when buy flash frequency is low, don't choose the flash frequency is high, that would really is too good. For the above LED lamp line choose is the myth of everybody fully understand? If don't understand advice to professional manufacturers to look for professionals to understand, in order to buy cost-effective high quality LED lights. More information of the LED in: LED lamp line.
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