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LED lamp line, several factors affect the price of the

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
LED lamp line city lighting effect was surprising, because with this line lamp to make the night of the city is full of fun, especially the cross color change, loop color changing, chasing color changing form and so on. This line is the market price of light is differ in thousands ways, exactly what are the factors which influence the price? 1. Shell heat dissipation effect you should all know, LED line lights for a long period of time work is will produce a lot of heat, the heat if can't timely send out to, will cause the power driver to burn out, or a chip was burned, so the service life of the lamp will be over. Professional manufacturer production line of the lamp shell design is very scientific, adopt the design of air convection form, make the shell has very good heat dissipation effect, so that it can greatly prolong the service life of the lamp, so the sales price will be slightly higher. 2. Chips, as you know, the quality of the LED chip as core part is to provide a light source, so the chip quality will directly affect the lamp luminous effect. Cheap LED lights use are not regular chips, it is easy to cause is different because the wattage cannot normal light lighting, and cheap chip heat dissipation function is very poor, so the chip burned is often things, thus increases the user cost a lot of. Good quality chip can have a large wattage range, but also has good heat dissipation effect, can let the light of long service life, good use effect. So, the high quality chip LED lights price will be higher. 3. Power drive leds are driven to use the power supply, power driver can produce very stable constant current constant voltage, so that the LED can very uniform continues to glow, and ensure good lighting effect and lighting effect. Through the above introduction we have clear the influence factors of the LED lamp line price? Buy LED lights must buy high quality, because quality is not only a lighting effect is excellent, more important is to save money. More information of the LED in: LED lamp line.
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