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LED lamp line, the production of materials and features?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Each city must use surroundings to the LED lamp line, this kind of lighting lamp is mainly used in the building and entertainment venues, it appears light effect overlapping color changing lights, chasing lights color, color cycle photosynthetic efficiency, etc. So the production of high-end decorative material and characteristics of what kind of? 1. Aluminum alloy control LED lamp line and use are drawn into the aluminum metal alloy, the aluminum alloy material of the shell design is very light, but very sturdy, it can ensure the safety in the process of use, and can ensure long service life. Drawn from this technology is very advanced, through the control of the shell can be formed a variety of shapes, and simple structure, beautiful shape, line is very bright, corrosion resistant, thus can greatly improve the aesthetic and practicability of the lamp. 2. High strength of toughened glass LED lights is a chimney, the chimney must be sturdy, otherwise it rains have hail would chimney break easily, causing potential safety problems or accidents. High quality LED lights are high strength of toughened glass chimney, the toughened glass is very impact resistance, can achieve IP65 protection class. Such high strength tempered glass also has the very good light transmittance, also can have certain heat dissipation effect. 3. High-energy anodized aluminum high-energy anodized aluminum plate to build emitter, it can ensure that the light energy output and high output very well. Aluminum plate all is clear, it has very good conductivity and conductivity, so use it to make the reflector effect is perfect. In addition, the surface of the lamps and lanterns of LED lamp line is to adopt electrostatic pensu processing, good heat resistance and weather resistance. Of course, this kind of lamp waterproof effect is very excellent. See if you have clear this LED: what is the use of materials and features of the answer? You should buy big brand of professional manufacturers of products, to ensure that the product's overall quality. More information of the LED in: LED lamp line.
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