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LED lamp line, when the choose and buy should pay attention to the parameters?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
Whether in the cities of the lighting or entertainment autonomous lighting is to choose the suitable LED lamp line, so how to choose the right line of LED lighting lamps? Buyers must first master is the parameters of the lamp, according to own actual need parameters to choose and buy, then make sure you use the best lighting decorative effect. 1. Brightness LED lamp line is not only have adornment effect, more to play a role of auxiliary lighting, so this kind of lamp is need of a certain intensity. But brightness can't is extremely high, brightness to the right, to make the brightness in the dark is not so dazzling, cause the viewer blindness, cause safety accidents. Lamp light must be soft, such ability can let a person for a long period of time in these places don't feel the feeling of eyestrain. Wattage, in general, the brightness of the relatively small point is more appropriate, effect is both can illuminate the surrounding environment and anti static. 2. Wavelength of a lot of people buy the LED lamp must buy lamps and lanterns of longer wavelength, actually LED in some places do not need wavelength is too long, because too long wavelength light gives people a feeling of faltering, let the viewer wait for long time to see different lighting effect. LED wavelength consistent, but the color of the present is consistent, this will let the light emitted by adornment effect is better. 3. Color temperature of LED lamp is the color of there are many specifications, so the color should not be very large or very small, color temperature will feel too much heat, color temperature and color temperature starts to feel some cold. Color temperature appropriate to bring people the feeling is comfortable, so everyone should choose appropriate color temperature of the lamp. You if can notice when the choose and buy more LED lamp line parameters, then buy LED lighting lamp line is the most appropriate, can create the best decoration lighting effect. In addition, if there is a requirement for antistatic ability also concern antistatic capability parameters. More information of the LED in: LED lamp line.
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