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LED lamp line, with the four advantages of is what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
LED lamps and lanterns of line some advantage is, in fact, LED has the advantage of, of course, there are abundant light efficiency, can bring more distinctive lighting decorative effect. The author has to say what the four advantages of this lamp. 1. Green environmental protection to know that there are a lot of traditional lamp is mercury, the mercury will evaporate, can produce pollution to the air. LED lamp line using the chip, without any toxic and harmful substances, and the shell can recycle more. Also, do not produce ultraviolet (uv) light, for clothing and books will not fade. 2. No noise everybody who lived under the fluorescent lamp are all know, the fluorescent lamp is make some noise, the noise interferes with the rest of people, thus is physical deterioration. LED lights completely without any noise, so is suitable for any place, more is of great help to human body health. 3. Protect the eyesight of the conventional fluorescent light is very strong, but also often appear flash frequency, so it can stimulate and affect the person's vision, makes people's eyes are very tired, and have no spirit better work and study. LED lights is different, its light is very soft, and brightness is uniform, so that light can let a person place oneself among them feel very comfortable, can also play the role of protecting eyesight. 4. Energy conservation and long life of LED lamp power consumption is very low, this is we all know, this is why LED lights swept the country quickly into the reason of the huge Numbers of families. Leds are used chip, and structure design of advanced cooling technology has been adopted, can guarantee the timely heat, reduce the damaged and the power of the chip driver is damaged. See the LED lamps and lanterns of lines after four major advantages feel oneself should also develop the LED lights? If you want to buy high quality LED lights must go to the professional manufacturers, professional manufacturers, after all, to ensure that the lamp's overall quality. More information of the LED in: LED lamp line.
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