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LED landscape lighting engineering bring you a comfortable comfortable visual effect

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
LED landscape lighting engineering bring you a comfortable comfortable visual effect source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 05 views: give your share of the visual effect of LED landscape lighting engineering wash wall lamp at the time of manufacture, the lighting effect of understand things, things under the nonlinear lighting effect of the processing, making in use, the lighting effect is clear, style, bright and beautiful and luminous efficacy of colour and lustre, is also very comfortable enough. Also from master-slave control mode with computer control, the development to now support offline or built-in control, way you also support wireless DMX control, lights, lighting effect channel also from conventional 3 channels, up to 20 channels, let each set of lights glowing pearl can free configuration, in order to realize the different colour modelling results, to large construction make complete inventive visual effect! A good wash wall lamp, must by the high quality high power output efficiency of reaction, good luminous efficacy of light source and effective cleansing radiator, the perfect combination of three parts, it is a good action, such as light source and is not very match also did not produce a better luminous efficiency, force and light to generate heat, will lose a lot of energy and electrical energy loss, as is known to all, wash wall lamp radiation condition decides the life of the lamps and lanterns, no matter how good force with the power and light source, heat dissipation is not good, even if the lighting lamps and lanterns of early how high light efficiency, will quickly droop, cause can no longer be used. Program control, which is all kinds of wash the wall effect, show lighting is very bright. Wash the wall lamp using a long service life, should guarantee in outdoor use for a long time, is not because of the weather problems caused by lighting lamps and lanterns is not bright and damage effect of outdoor lighting. Wash the wall lamps and lanterns has very good waterproof shockproof effect, don't have to worry or damaged when lighting lamps and lanterns. Wash the wall lamp appearance variety also much more special, respectively are rectangular, round, square, length, size, will be able to purchase, is suitable for different modelling of building installation and operation. From the observation on the market operating, simple LED technology as the core of the lamps and lanterns of sales increase momentum relatively quickly, concrete embodiment in the wash wall lamp, small color as tree lights landscape lamp, etc. If should support other technologies, such as access to art design, concept, and other high-end innovative type, supply is far below the requirements, the hard part is the item of income is relatively high. , long time use should significantly save city objective electricity output. Have to wash the wall lamp will not release toxic substances, green environmental protection, do not destroy the weather. LED landscape lighting engineering lamps and lanterns is indispensable to LED landscape lighting engineering project in a lamps and lanterns, almost every item with it. And for the consumer, should buy what kind of LED landscape lighting engineering lamps and lanterns? There are many kinds of color to wash the wall lamps and lanterns, in our real life often see wash wall lamp, lamp base is usually face sell nothing different templates, the role of, of course, some manufacturers, choose the higher template, the hard part is the most basic is no different templates, such a lamp is mainly used to cast light on designs city-lighting landscape lighting, therefore in wash wall lamp, such as operation need to be aware of which a few? Led wash wall lamp manufacturer wash wall light mostly tend to outdoor development due to cost problem of damage, so indoor popularization still has difficulty. Which is quite suitable for resettlement in public places, and wash the wall lamp special colour and lustre is unreal. Can be used in the business, to make buildings look more gorgeous, attract the attention of many people. So led designs city-lighting company class this wash wall lamp, loved by the residents, things a coherent manufacturing experience, to ensure that thing has a good stability, and in the long time use, to use. Above is zhongshan lighting engineering company to share you about LED landscape lighting engineering bring you a comfortable visual effect, please contact for more details. Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: landscape lighting of the bridge floor lighting surroundings buildings lighting scenic spot lights
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