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LED lighting company in channel layout on 10 major difficulties

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
LED lighting company in channel layout of the top 10 difficulties of main: 1, channel more competitive, resource competition; 2, dealers to conventional marketing very numb, lack of innovative ideas to lead; 3 the construction process is time-consuming and channels; 4, LED enterprise internal personnel lack of ability to lead to problems in terms of channel construction; The establishment of 5, user cognitive time to use experience to establish confidence, after quality problems delayed the cognitive time; 6, the lack of operating experience, LED lighting company service system has not yet formed; 7, product line is not long enough to fully support the store; 8, the channels of product price is higher, low permeability; 9, product quality good and bad are intermingled, dealers and users need time to recognize faces; 10, professional sales personnel and maintenance personnel are lack.
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