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LED linear light future trend?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
As more and more enterprises in the LED lamps and lanterns of linear layout, input LED linear light, will have a variety of different investment schemes, design also in constant innovation, now LED linear light have a larger share in the market, with the growing popularity of the LED lighting technology, energy consumption is lower, is seen as large energy consumption of lighting alternatives, plus has a relatively rich color, has been widely used in hotel, household lighting, commercial lighting, with ever increasing LED linear light, heat dissipation technology mature and drive technology progress in the last two years, LED linear light on outdoor lamps and lanterns, LED the trend of the development of linear? 【 1 】 Intelligent LED linear light products under the background of the existing power remains tense, people's energy saving consciousness is rising gradually, energy saving of LED linear light itself also have more demand on products, the market of lamps and lanterns product demand is being accelerated expansion, based on the specific performance, LED light source linear lamp dimming color now will continue to change, to be able to meet the demand of the actual function of increasingly change, most companies because see deformation lamp business opportunities, intelligent is committed to the development of lamps and lanterns. As the protagonist in the future in LED lighting products, LED linear light is developing rapidly in recent years, various new products emerge in endlessly, the market will pop the human body induction LED linear light products, has been widely attention since listing, even such a lamp at the time of light has the characteristics of intelligent, when the light was still on, people walk the lamp is destroyed, and you will be able to push saving energy and reducing consumption in one step, it also shows that LED linear light will have a more intelligent. In intelligent on the road, each big different brand always walk in the forefront industry, become the leader in the field of, but the existing lighting enterprises not to be outdone, will increase investment in many ways. 【 2 】 LED linear light products personalized nowadays market is not lack of products, but a lack of differentiation, many products are the same, 80 s and 90 s like fashion and avant-garde and personalized things must meet the trend of the existing market demand, and we have put forward fashion concept basically also has the personalized characteristic, in addition to focus on the design of the LED linear light, also made a further elaboration of consumer groups, through months of continuous research and development and design of products, the production of a series of specialized for hotel use the line of household lamps and lanterns, favored by consumers like, that also will be able to see the present and the trend of the development of lighting, and even the future of LED linear will be able to constantly, spread out more research and development direction.
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