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Led outdoor lighting but let me tell you

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
When night falls, the night of the city become colorful, brilliant, handle to relax for busy working during the day, night workers has increased a lot of beautiful feeling, these are all led outdoor lighting effects. Previously, outdoor lighting is mainly pole beside ugly, sending out the dazzling yellow fluorescent lamp, now, high-rise buildings, roads, parks, attractions, led lamps and lanterns can be seen everywhere, so the led outdoor lamps and lanterns is what's good? 1, good product performance Led outdoor lighting the lamp body adopts the design of die casting aluminum material performance and much higher than the plastic products, strong corrosion resistance; Internal chip replace tungsten filament lamp, using the latest technology of led chip, high current and low resistance, working power is more stable, more durable service life, lower energy consumption. External lampshade is made of high quality toughened glass design, compressive strength, not easy to be broken, at the same time have strong pervious to light effect, lighting effect is good. From the type 2, rich product variety, architectural lighting, navigation lights, traffic lights, lights, road lights, buried lights are a kind of led outdoor lighting, particularly rich product types, as long as you want to use, you can find fit the lamps and lanterns of various application scenarios. Unlike traditional fluorescent lamp just as the road, park road lamps, chandeliers and not as a scenic spot, foil city or destination at night. Tell from the illumination, the color of the fluorescent lamp lights are mostly white or yellowish, led lights can be designed into the color of the colorful, want that kind of is what kind of. 3, the highly effective heat dissipation waterproof measures for outdoor lighting is different from the indoor light, indoor is not cold in winter, summer is not hot, waterproof of heat dissipation is not very high demand, outdoor lights, every day also often face rain weather, suffered particularly bad climate condition, now led outdoor lighting continued rapid cooling in summer and winter antifreeze, rainy days special waterproof performance, guarantee the lasting and efficient work in harsh climate. So, preferred to buy outdoor lighting performance better, more rich variety, waterproof and have the cooling effect of led lights, if you want to learn more about the led outdoor lighting, please login website light, zhongshan city, learn more information and the information. More LED information in: LED outdoor lighting
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