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LED outdoor lighting color temperature adjustment, have the skills to tell

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Evening we line or drive a car on the road of the city, ever found, in different circumstances LED outdoor lighting colour don't look the same, but no matter what color, seems to be quite appropriate, can let a person feel comfortable, not dazzling, also won't appear abrupt. This goes to the light color temperature adjustment, and this also has certain technical skills in it, not follow one's inclinations. More LED lights for the city, but also because of its performance is determined by, efficient, safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed, and shows high index. Can through the mobile terminal is the most important control operation, so the city energy-saving lighting and intelligent can work at the same time. But different color temperature high of people will have different effects, to adjust the color temperature is also very important, not careless one thing. For color temperature under different environment conditions of debugging, are to high-speed data investigation. With the use of fluorescent lamp, in the city more and more high, if light setup too light too bright, can release a lot of blue light. This kind of light source is harmful to human body, in this environment for a long time, easy to do suffer from insomnia, and if the drive is also easy to accidents due to glare. So on the road lighting, the light color temperature to 3000 k most appropriate. LED outdoor lighting color temperature on technology processing, the more white light that the color temperature, the greater the general if is more than 5000 k, relative will have a feeling of cool color, if it is k - 3000 About 5000 k, will be fresh and sweet feeling, and this range is also used more scope of a parameter. For the understanding of this technique on, there will be professional and technical personnel through mobile terminal background code programming for adjustment, in order to achieve an optimal target state. LED outdoor lighting regulation of color temperature can be directly affects the health of the residents in the city, nature is not adjustable, but by a series of market research, research proves that is suitable for what kind of color temperature. So after city road to install LED lights, the color temperature control a rational can depend on, with reference to case to you. More LED information in: LED outdoor lighting
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