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LED outdoor lighting engineering make city more beautiful

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
With centralized urban development, we find around many more and more high-rise buildings, less green trees and red walls, yes, with the level of economic development, urban cluster development, increasing compression greening and beautification space, however, improvement of living standards, people for a better life, the pursuit of quality of life is increasing, how to in a high reinforcement to find the best balance between cement and beautify the environment? This is the city greening, planners has been seeking the answer. And LED lighting engineering is the beautification of the city lights is also in order to solve this problem, our country has existed since ancient times festival day decorating, view and admire the custom of lighting, by showing a variety of lighting and light combination foil festival atmosphere, lively joy of expression of feelings. And now the development on the basis of the original people began to consider by LED lights, LED lights brighten the sense of a LED light technology and light culture combined with the city and architecture development, as the rapid development of LED lighting is the night view lighting project, now lighting engineering has been applied in various aspects. Now LED project-light lamp application scope is widespread, mainly concentrated in the urban lighting system, urban buildings stair lighting, green night view lighting project and increasing the light streets rendering beautification project, beautification of urban street light box door and modification, street lamp monitoring and control system, etc. Photoelectric is the engineering unit has above the construction scope, by years of accumulation, accumulated lots of experience in lighting engineering. Rope is currently the focus of the urban night scene lighting, and cities is to beautify the city, improve the level of living environment as an important goal of urban development, planning, it is inevitable will use the LED lighting project. Around the first rope brought to the attention of the governments, combined with the feature of city, and even set up departments such as lighting, luster, enhance the level of city light. Second rope not just the brightness problem, more is through the lighting art, scientific planning, make the city more beautiful, is the convenience and benefit of the project. Information in: more LED photoelectric LED project-light lamp
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