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LED outdoor lighting, green lighting does not hurt the eye

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Now is very popular all over the world use LED outdoor lighting, all kinds of LED lights make out rich and colorful designs city-lighting project, meet the needs of the nightlife. You should know that if people's eyes met strong light in the darkness of night, so it is very easy to cause temporary blindness, and once temporary blindness occurs when crossing the road can cause traffic accident, the consequences is very serious. And ordinary incandescent lamp in the dark is very harsh, people stay out longer eyes will feel very uncomfortable, long-term will appear dry eyes, dry eyes, so many people choose to go out when you are not in the night. And the appearance of LED outdoor lighting makes a lot of people are beginning to like the night time to go out for a walk, to enjoy the night scenery of beautiful city. LED outdoor lighting USES a cold light source, the cold light of dazzling light is very small, people's eyes even look, you don't feel very dazzling, it does not hurt the reputation of the eye. This kind of lamps and lanterns or no radiation, has the very good resistance to electromagnetic interference ability, in the process of light will not produce any harmful substances. LED low work voltage, USES a dc drive mode, less consumption of electricity, electric power conversion can achieve ninety percent above, lighting effect is good. Again, the LED lamp belongs to the environmental protection lamps and lanterns, which does not contain mercury, lead and so on harmful substances, and no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, the people close to the lighting is more secure. In addition, LED outdoor lighting is there is no pollution to environment, even broken one of the components can be recycled. Now people for urban lighting quality is very high, if cities can not reach the requirements of the people quality surroundings is hard to retain people, and people's health must in the first place, use the lamps and lanterns of green environmental protection does not hurt the eye is the most basic. Want to make the city more beautiful surroundings? LED outdoor lighting is preferred. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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