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LED outdoor lighting installation should pay attention to?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
LED all outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is basically in the process of installation are all have their own considerations, after all, the series of lights at the time of installation, if everybody slightly do not pay attention to, it is possible to cause after we install the time wasted, even may appear in this kind of situation, so in the process of actual installation, everyone should pay attention to what? Because the work environment is relatively more complex, so the LED lamp, outdoor lighting in the process of work, likely will be affected by temperature, or is the effect of ultraviolet (uv), and may be chemical, or some other gases such as natural conditions, the influence of so in this case, LED outdoor lighting in the process of setting, basically should consider the impact of various environmental factors on their own, so that the design is to the comprehensive considering, then choose a series of embedded solutions. Domestic production of LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is basically a series of packaging technology, they are also a series of assembly way, in series or parallel, of course, such a method is also called encapsulation technology, and adopt all of them are 30 or 50 watts of large-scale assembly, through this way to achieve a series of power, but a series of packaging materials are all with epoxy resin to encapsulate, they also is the biggest difference between the two effective resistance to high temperature, and the differences between them can also be very good, can stand the aging time, of course, the silica gel encapsulation relatively good temperature resistance. But in the end for use in LED outdoor lighting, they must choose good thermal performance, but also to understand the way of the use of a series of copper or copper alloy, in addition, you can completely with the comprehensive use of, and then to find relevant solutions.
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