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LED outdoor lighting, lighting principle of concrete

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Now most of the urban lighting are used in the LED outdoor lighting, the LED lighting of outdoor use actually has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, and has gradually replaced the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns. The outdoor lighting has been used in city lighting engineering, can save city lighting costs, create a higher quality of the lighting effect. 1. Basic structure of LED outdoor lighting of the basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip, the silver or white glue to cure in the bracket above, and in the use of said silver or gold wire connects chips and circuit board, and then use the sealant epoxy resin, which would be around carefully encapsulate, thus achieve the purpose of well protect the internal chip and circuit board. The installation of aluminum alloy die casting shell, waterproof and dustproof resistance to electromagnetic interference. 2. Lighting principle is light-emitting diode, LED it to power converted to visible light, LED outdoor lighting is the core of the semiconductor chip, chip firm in a bracket above, at the end of the end is negative, the positive and the other end is connected to the power supply when the electric current through a wire to the chip, the electronic will be to the end, in the end electronics will follow the P type semiconductor chip inside hole recombination, then issued in the form of photon energy. Above for the LED outdoor lighting lighting principle has made a detailed introduction of the structure of the LED lights sounds are tedious, but actually seems to be a simple parts. Through introducing the basic structure of the above is not hard to find, the quality of a LED lamp is mainly affected by chip and packaging technology, good chip can guarantee the better lighting effect, and good packaging technology can make the lamps and lanterns has better waterproof and dustproof effect, to achieve a longer service life. Now use the LED outdoor lighting, has become a fashion city can choose to professional manufacturer to customize their own style of LED lights, to make out more sophisticated designs city-lighting project. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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