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Led outdoor lighting should be how to choose

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Nowadays many cities are attaches great importance to the lighting project, make all place can have bright light at night, let darkness where can add more colorful light, this is the benefits of lighting engineering, in addition to the city, many county rural now also in planning the right lighting solution, even many buildings can use leds for lighting and decoration, but faced with thousands of lamps and lanterns, friends will also feel very confused, now so much led outdoor lighting products, the choice of which is more appropriate? Take led wash wall light terms, many friends don't know to what time to pick, the following will introduce some related key points, let everybody can know how to choose the appropriate lamps and lanterns. ( 1) Should pay attention to the quality of the products now led outdoor lighting effect is no longer a single, it can even make buildings more luxuriant glaring, this kind of lamps and lanterns is often referred to as wash wall lamp, because will be installed in building outside wall, so the quality and safety will be more attention, a lot of bad quality of lamps and lanterns is not rain, snow, the weather is bad, will failure occurs frequently, and can no longer continue to work normally, if left unchecked, could let the problem become more serious, thus causing security problems, so we when choosing products, the main points of the first must take the quality as the first consideration. ( 2) Brightness wants even because is not able to in life often come into contact with lamps and lanterns, so a lot of friends all don't know how good the brightness of the led outdoor lighting, when the buildings are installed after this kind of lamps and lanterns, but because of the situation of the luminance unevenness affect the overall effect, or excessive waste of electricity, both increase the cost burden, and not enough environmental protection, so when choosing this kind of lamps and lanterns, can find out what the material is made and be become, brightness can even stable, here recommend friends to choose the lamps and lanterns of advanced production technology, in addition to a better, more advantages, even the life will be longer. ( 3) Whether energy saving is very important as we all know the led lamps and lanterns is always has the advantage of energy saving province electricity, but with surface become more widely used, the product has also become more, it had the very big change, now a lot of led outdoor lighting don't have the advantages of energy saving, and even make the amount of electricity apparent surge, this kind of lamps and lanterns of nature is not a good choice, when the choice also should pay attention to this. Now has led outdoor lighting how to select the main points of the introduction again, friends remember don't choose to keen on gaining petty advantages or save some of the damage rate is higher, or poor quality of lamps and lanterns, such as wash wall lamp lighting installation range is very wide, if failure, repair and replacement of the difficulty is very big, so is of good quality and long life lamps and lanterns is more appropriate.
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