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Led outdoor lighting: why do you want to add lens

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Led outdoor lighting is a high-end decorative light, it has low power consumption in use process, the service life of very, but its brightness is very high, and easy to bend, don't need maintenance, so it is becoming more and more common in our life, but because it is for use in the outdoor, so people in use process inevitably worry about the service life of the lamp, and there are also concerns the use of light effect, but also to consider the use of process safety, actually these manufacturers are considered. Led outdoor lighting for a long time in the outdoor use, to protect against the experience and the rain for a long time, so for the waterproof requirement is very high, generally used in the outdoor led lights have good waterproof and shockproof effect, and large area to use it for a long time, also give full consideration to the energy-saving sex, usually this kind of lamp in order to make the environment of adornment effect more strong, you need to use time is longer, so save electricity problem has become a very important question, the outdoor use leds for use for a long time, can achieve energy saving energy saving effect, and the lamp in the use process, will not release any harmful substances, it belongs to a kind of green environmental protection product, will not cause any influence to the environment, its advantages make it now by the welcome of people. Led outdoor lighting lighting colour is generally used by the changing, this kind of lighting in adornment, can make the surrounding environment more gorgeous, can attract more people to focus on it, the lights are adored by people, now of the products after a series of processing, makes the stability of the products is getting better and better, and after a long time use, it shows the characteristics of durable and reliable. Led outdoor lighting glue processing, generally after glue processing, can achieve very good waterproof effect, make the light after refraction, light color temperature changes, the brightness is reduced, if the process is not good, glue glue to fill the lamp bead, the uneven situation, then there will be a very serious color difference, and the glue is easy and light bead produces chemical reaction, makes the lamp bead dead lamp. If after led outdoor lighting with lens, light source can be directly through the lens, so can't change the color and brightness, and use with the lamps and lanterns of lens, use two years to also won't appear in the outdoor yellowish, there will be no more death lamp, lens can be luminous, multi-angle its lighting effect can meet people's needs.
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