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LED project-light lamp and ordinary cast light contrast what difference is there?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
LED project-light lamp is widely used now, began to gradually replace the traditional common types of project-light lamp, the main reason is that LED project-light lamp, than the ordinary type of functional stronger wall lamp, can achieve better performance in the safe use of standards, avoid unnecessary effects in the application process, because in the process of daily use, the effect of project-light lamp consumption is larger, begin to use more occasions LED project-light lamp, here are specific for everybody to meet both the specific differences. First of all, LED project-light lamp and the difference between ordinary project-light lamp is the most direct, is both the quality and function of, because LED cast light lamps and lanterns has a higher degree of protection, better security and reliable effect, in these two aspects have very strict standards, but ordinary project-light lamp use effect is poor, besides can't play out the use of energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, also cannot achieve good standard on quality, service life is short, usually used in outdoor environment tolerance is very poor, can easily lead to a variety of quality hidden trouble, affect the use function. Second, LED project-light lamp is manufactured by high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, high performance heat dissipation effect, beautiful appearance, functional, used in all kinds of high frequency vibration environment, still have very stable heat conduction effect, so don't worry about appear all sorts of accident hidden danger, but the ordinary type of project-light lamp, will be limited in use effect, and the cooling function also is bad, that is why in the process of use for a long time, very prone to fire hidden danger, it is just because of the heat dissipation function is not very good. Again, the LED project-light lamp in use process has a very rich color, energy conversion rate is very high, so we can show the use of energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, also can play a more splendid gorgeous effect, through the use of ordinary project-light lamp, although the overall effect looks about the same, but in different environments, adornment effect is likely to become worse and worse, especially the service life is very short, can't present a high energy conversion, compared the LED project-light lamp, project-light lamp life might be better than ordinary LED project-light lamp short 10 times. That is about LED project-light lamp and comprehensive comparison of ordinary project-light lamp, if want to use a function to achieve better quality standards, avoid all kinds of problems in use process, it is suggested to choose professional normal manufacturer production LED project-light lamp, the use effect of will exert remarkable feats, security stability and reliability has been fully promoted, presents the use of energy conservation and environmental protection effect, still can make uniform brightness was improved, always in a different environment, can obtain better using experience.
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