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LED project-light lamp, best choice of lighting in the warehouse

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Each production enterprise is has its own warehouse, so what is the warehouse lighting use lamp kind? Using incandescent lamp has very little, most use of LED light. Why is everyone more this kind of LED lights? Here the author is to say with you seriously. 1. Lighting the light is downy, brightness uniformity should all know, warehouse lighting for visual demands as well as the nature of work and so on is very high, so there is lighting the light is downy, luminance uniformity of light, protects the warehouse workers work long hours don't feel eye fatigue. And can let every corner of the warehouse to be able to have the light, let a person place oneself among them visual space more clearly no shadow. 2. Environmental protection no pollution, the use of safe is with a uv lamp to light, and incandescent lamp uv intensity is not low, so for a long period of time under the incandescent light bulb work will feel very tired, at the same time, the body feel uncomfortable. LED project-light lamp is not only a kind of monochromatic light, it can be other light sources, such as green light, the light source of light is less, and the ultraviolet light is more low, for the effects of a human body. 3. Vertical illumination, let the warehouse more fully know, most of the warehouse are put a lot of shelves, the shelves are placed perpendicular to the ground, so the warehouse lighting lamps and lanterns should be the guarantor of the role of visual is very accurate in the vertical plane on the shelves, but also can ensure that the illumination of the ground is clear, so even at night, you will ensure a high degree of safety and work efficiency. Read the above three characteristics is not understand why the author says the LED project-light lamp is the best choice of the warehouse? If you want to buy high quality project-light lamp, must to professional manufacturers, because of the professional manufacturers of project-light lamp use not only the cost is low, and the maintenance cost is low. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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