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LED project-light lamp color temperature adjustment, application more indoor venues

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Indoor venues activity room, in order to be able to create a comfortable and appropriate color, can adjust the color temperature LED project-light lamp is used to change, can create more attractive atmosphere. To make people feel comfortable in this environment, especially our common indoor stadium. Indoor sport is more, and according to different sports colour, for white light, not dazzling, let indoor bright at the same time, the light is soft and comfortable. Because under the different light, different operations will look better. The basketball court, for example, needs to let athletes seem more active, this also is can be done by the regulation of light, let us feel on the vision of this movement activity, drive the athletes and the audience's emotions. Usually at this time will turn white lighting adjustments at about 4000 k, but the same light degree if it is in other sports scene is not necessarily to have the active effect. We can see ice hockey in such a light degrees will appear a little dull and dirty, but at this moment if you can use light to illuminate the 5600 k, the ice hockey will appear crisp clean and bright, mood letting a person feel happy. If the stadium has held several projects at the same time, if using a single lamp, that is a huge challenge, is not easy, also easy to cause light pollution. But the use of LED project-light lamp, through the built-in chip, set up to control programming code, can according to the different environment places couldn't send the color of white light. This nature also can meet on diamond in different sports tonal environment demand, operate simple easy to get started. Only need according to the indoor stadium event, to buy good in advance, so use LED project-light lamp can in multi-function game at the same time maintain the ideal level of a color temperature. Of course, these also need to have professional lighting technology division to regulate, involved in more professional technical data, after all. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp
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