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LED project-light lamp, have what advantage to build bright beautiful scenery

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
In city lighting engineering without LED project-light lamp, this project-light lamp, known as the spotlight, it has very good focusing effect, so use it in the rope is no need to add other lighting. The project-light lamp application range is very wide, such as large-scale operations of factories and mines, stadium, overpasses, parks and so on has its shadow. 1. Colorful LED project-light lamp is not just a kind of color, but the colorful, to say the customer need what color of project-light lamp can produce what kind of light. Leds we all know, it give off light is very soft, light focused on a building or space will not bring discomfort to the crowd, but on the contrary, people will feel light in the environment is very gorgeous, and very enjoy project-light lamp landscape effect. 2. Low power save electricity both big cities and small cities of pressure is very big, if power consumption is very big and urban lighting engineering will brings to the national grid pressure greatly. Rope used now are LED lamp, the lamp power is relatively low, power consumption is less, then can let the city power supply pressure decreases. 3. Service life is long a quality qualified LED project-light lamp luminous time can reach 50000 hours, so life is very high, it would also reduce the post-production cost of urban lighting engineering. And, of course, if the manufacturer of high quality production LED lights and longer service life, and therefore cheaper. 4. Small firm structure of LED spotlights are actually to be installed at the top of the building, if volume is too large, it is easy to cause the stress of the building is too big, and if the wind blows, the rain pours, lead to the spotlight falls, it will lead to serious accident. So the design of small size is more easy to install, at the same time, more can guarantee for the safety of the light effect. Read the above LED cast light lamps and lanterns some advantage is very identity makes the beautiful scenery of the results? There are, the more the LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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