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LED project-light lamp, how to choose the suitable model

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
LED project-light lamp in many cities are very widely used, because this kind of lamps and lanterns for people to light up the whole city at night. And careful people will find that even in the same city to use project-light lamp are also different modelling, the different modelling is like the building itself, there is no acosmia feeling. 1. Building facade lighting for buildings, to think in a certain area lighting source of the most commonly used is to use the control beam Angle and the shape of a square head light tool, the traditional model of LED lights for the light effect is very good, and to the installation of the multiple perspectives, both horizontal and vertical are can achieve perfect lighting effect. 2. Landscape lighting in the city have a lot of places need lighting, after all, a lot of young people like to walk at night to have landscape, appreciate the beauty of the landscape of night. Natural landscape is a stairs, the flowers, shrubs, waterfront areas, these different landscape choose LED project-light lamp modelling also is not the same, is often used in general flower shrubs hidden project-light lamp, and other landscape need according to the characteristics of the landscape to choosing the appropriate modeling, such as stair is the best use of iron is a small round head project-light lamp, can make the stairs more romantic breath. 3. Identify indicator light in some places in the city lighting the orders are identified, and these logo indicative lighting can use appropriate brightness LED project-light lamp, the lamp is best can have cabinet modelling, can be an eye bright, so people can find logo instructions from lighting, find the right direction. 4. People all know that the stage lighting, stage is splendid, and above the stage also is to have to use the LED project-light lamp, from these project-light lamp is not monochromatic light, but colorful color of light, it will decorate the stage is very beautiful. The project-light lamp modelling using the stage can be said to be strange, different formative project-light lamp created stage effect is not the same. LED project-light lamp selection is based on using field to determine, while others can be generic. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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