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Led project-light lamp installation matters needing attention

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Led project-light lamp play an important role in people's life, it can make night lights, and it also have very good adornment effect, make the city look more gorgeous, it is the use of the more common, the more people need to know it some matters needing attention in installation process, to ensure the use of this kind of lamp can achieve long-term effect, avoid some trouble after installation. When to install the led project-light lamp, because this kind of lamp is installed on the outside for a long time, to face all kinds of bad weather, especially some of the wet weather, we know that the lamps and lanterns are working in rainy weather, very prone to short circuit, it may cause serious consequences, in order to avoid such cases, the lamps and lanterns of the installed must be waterproof and moistureproof design, protection grade reaches IP65 or more commonly, can make the lamps and lanterns can be in the rain can also under the condition of normal work, but you need to pay attention to the lamps and lanterns can't work under water, because the protection grade could not reach the requirements of underwater work. At the time of installation led project-light lamp, be sure to put the security issue in the first place, the lamps and lanterns of the installed position needs to have larger capacity, and the location of the installation to stay away from people can come into contact with the place, and put the lamps and lanterns to do ground handling, avoid the leakage situation of lamps and lanterns, cause harm to the person, because the lamps and lanterns is at work, need power supply for high voltage alternating current (ac), in case of electric shock accident is very dangerous. Led project-light lamp when working on the temperature of the environment is relatively high, if the lamps and lanterns at the time of work, working environment of high temperature is 45 degrees Celsius, the lamps and lanterns is in use process, its service life will be significantly lower, and droop is particularly serious, therefore this kind of lamp in use process, must pay attention to the ventilation on lighting environment, makes the lamps and lanterns is easy to heat dissipation, lamps and lanterns USES the environment temperature is best 25 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius below zero, to ensure the service life of the lamps and lanterns can have good. Led project-light lamp lamps and lanterns is in use process, its power is relatively large, so in this kind of lamps and lanterns for installation, need to choose the use of the power cord, according to the actual power of the lamps and lanterns to select the appropriate power cord, and adopt the split-phase power supply means. Clear led project-light lamp is in use process of some matters needing attention, when installing the lamp, you can enable it to better service for people, have very good lighting and decorative effect, make it can play its role in many occasions.
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