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LED project-light lamp, lighting lighting's first choice

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Show the rapid development of the film industry, this industry has become the present better an industry, you need the light of photography, filming large lighting has become a necessity, it has a strong focusing ability, can the whole site is full of light and has very important effect to shoot. In addition to have great importance in the film and television industry, in the historic exterior lighting, greening landscape lighting, special places have very big use of medical equipment, photoelectric will come with you to understand the role of the project-light lamp and purposes. ___________ project-light lamp applies to many places, photoelectric learned in ancient sites where the use of light can be a very good contrast the differences between modern architecture and classical architecture, a strong contrast effect, can also display in the darkness of night spots of another kind of beauty. Now there are many big stage show will use LED project-light lamp, not only can make a bright stage appeal can also give cameras made a very good matting, increase benefits for filming. This project-light lamp can not only on land, can also play a role, underwater enables something invisible at night to play a warning role. Photoelectric found in sign logo can also be found in the project-light lamp, though less powerful light but also can have the effect of normally on and is indicative, compared with neon lights don't crush does not use the fragile glass, not because the processing and add some cost, so the necessities in the indication is preferred. 3. Photoelectric also found that it has many characteristics, according to the characteristics of the semiconductor can save electric lamp can reach more than eighty percent, and long service life, can really achieve the inefficient use of high efficiency. And LED project-light lamp is convenient, suitable for many occasions, strong concealment lighting is good, no radiation, can better protect things lighting, wide application range. _____ the photoelectric also know that some of its installation method and some points for attention. Behind the open replacement bulbs, also comes with a dial, can more accurately determine the installation position and Angle. Good when installation to must determine the location of the installation, determine the place is not easy to damage, and then fixed place in determining the good Angle projection. More information of the LED in: photoelectric
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