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Led project-light lamp need to be aware of problems in the middle of the installation process

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Led project-light lamp in our life more and more widely applied, the existence of many place can see the light, because it's there, to make our view of the nighttime sky become more beautiful, it is so widely used, it need people to clear the lamp in the middle of the installation process, some problems need to be aware of. When throw light on the led lamp for installation, can be install and use a single, can you combine multiple sets of lights, and then install it at more than 20 meters in height, pole enables it to achieve a better lighting effect, generally adopts the second installation method is more, because the second installation method can make the modelling of the lamp special and beautiful, and convenient to maintenance and maintenance, it concentrated and can reduce the area of light pole, and the installation make lamp lighting function is strong. The installed in the high places, cast down from a height of light, make the space of the larger environment brightness is high, and the area covered by light is particularly big, people under the led project-light lamp, just feel are in the environment of the day, after installation, the lamp lighting quality is very high, and its visual effect is very good, factor of this kind of lighting is used in outdoor, so must strengthen the lamp shell protection, because the lamps and lanterns at the time of maintenance, is relatively more troublesome, so people when choosing lamps and lanterns, generally choose the lamps and lanterns of durability is stronger, so that it can reduce the workload of maintenance process, closed project-light lamp has been chosen is more, this kind of lamp shell protection grade reaches IP65, although the cost of it at the time of one-time investment is higher, but after installing the lamp, can let people save subsequent lots of trouble. If you want to make led project-light lamp can have the effect of energy saving, so when install the lamp, it needs to raise the proportion of light output of lamps and lanterns, avoid the energy loss is bigger, so when install the lamp, the reflector used to rota and that piece of board face reflector, or multiple focal reflector, the two types of reflector can reduce the wastage of the light source, in the process of reflecting surface, generally the use of new materials and new technology, makes the reflectance can reach more than ninety-six percent, the shell of lamps and lanterns is general use plastic shell, because plastic shell has strong resistance to high temperature effect, but also had very good effect for high mechanical strength, and has the effect of anti-aging. Clear led project-light lamp issues found in the installation process, you can make this lamp play a better role in people's life.
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