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Led project-light lamp should be how to maintenance and inspection?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Now in the midst of outdoor lighting system, LED project-light lamp play a key role, and has been widely used, so in this case, you have to realize that some of the advantages of wall lamp, on the other hand in using project-light lamp, the future can extend its service life and ensure that its use effect, so also you must regularly carry on the inspection and maintenance, so what should be how to maintenance and inspection? This article take the way you look at some important. Routine check first, if you want to effectively extend the service life of the LED project-light lamp, then it must be on a regular basis, arrange professional personnel to check for these project-light lamp, routine check is very important, because in the process of daily maintenance, can timely found by using the method of routine check lamps and lanterns is some what problem, if is the problem that the quality of the product, so this time can be returned to the factory to repair in time, so they can effectively avoid project-light lamp for the influence of the overall lighting effects, and timely maintenance, still can prolong the service life of it. Second, adjust the Angle for the LED project-light lamp is applied to outdoor lighting system, so in the process of use will be affected by the wind and rain, so in this case, as a result of the action of forces, is likely to lead to its Angle deviation, thus, will seriously affect its lighting effect, so in the case of skew Angle, must be timely adjusted, on the other hand, in this kind of lamps and lanterns also take the corresponding waterproof measures, if he can't adjust the Angle, then will seriously affect its waterproof effect, so you need to regularly check point of view. Third, check the light on the surface of the glass if you seen LED project-light lamp before, so you should be able to know the surface of the project-light lamp is a layer of glass, the glass can effectively guarantee the project-light lamp are not subject to the damage of the outside world, at the same time also can achieve a higher brightness, but once the glass cracked, so at this time may cause the rain into the lamps and lanterns, will seriously affect the use effect and service life of lamps and lanterns, so at this time also need to immediately return to factory maintenance, which can effectively guarantee the safety of people and avoid the leakage and other serious safety accidents. This is LED project-light lamp method of inspection and maintenance, but in the time to check, maybe you didn't really understand to some of the important knowledge, so I can't ensure that its service life effectively, so at this point you is close friends certainly good to look at what is said above these important content and knowledge, is very important.
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