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LED project-light lamp to buy, what are the points need to pay attention to

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
LED project-light lamp in my application is very extensive in our life, it is determined by the energy conservation and environmental protection characteristics. Can be used for lighting use, also can be used in places of entertainment venue used color temperature, etc. Since applications on the market, so purchasing is also common, in the purchase time, what pay attention to the point? Here to explain for everybody: 1. LED project-light lamp high-tech applications mainly performance in the chip, and the most valuable and chips, choose what brand of good? This needs according to our purchasing to decide the price, average daily use metropolitan purchase mid-range, if business purposes, in order to be able to achieve the best effect, will choose the top. 2. Half an hour to turn on the lights, see the cooling condition, if hot, it must be the cooling part to cut corners, in general, good quality, basic no heat. This kind of lamp energy saving performance is good, also in terms of its cooling performance. Compared with the traditional use of fluorescent lamp, use for a long time will be fever, and the light will also temperature. But this kind of LED lamp does not have this phenomenon, one is also can be used as a criterion. 3. Check whether the highest rated current in use, buys two-thirds of the rated maximum current use, best quality. 4. See the lumens per watt probably how many, if less than 80 lm is belong to the low-end products, the light failure will be faster. 5. See drive power supply this, will use glue processing, the electronic components inside the basically is to see, but we can ask the sales staff, how much the efficiency. Efficiency is not too low, at least more than eighty-eight percent, the best PF value to over ninety-three percent, if you can meet this standard parameters, where the light also can't bad. Know more about LED project-light lamp, under some purchasing the judgment standard, also facilitate our application for purchasing according to different environment. And when making consulting understand, also can accomplish know fairly well, the personnel of the service have a fool, also can know about. Procurement to the economical affordable lights won't be easy. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp
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