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LED project-light lamp, why the stroboscopic would happen?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Believe that a lot of people have seen the stroboscopic LED project-light lamp situation, even the new installed project-light lamp has occurred stroboscopic, so why exactly cast of stroboscopic light will happen? Stroboscopic actually refers to the size of the electric light source flux fluctuation, luminous flux fluctuations, the greater the stroboscopic is very obvious. In fact, LED lighting products stroboscopic problem has not been true, here the author roughly analyze with you. 1. Interference if the attentive person can discover, LED project-light lamp when unknown contact force disturbance stroboscopic problem occurs. At this time as long as it is remove unknown contact interference power, project-light lamp stroboscopic problems disappear. Specific the unknown there are many kinds of invisible force, such as infrared, ultraviolet, and so on. 2. Voltage instability project-light lamp is rely on the power supply electricity to work, if the voltage is not stable, then cast the stroboscopic light will happen. And long-term voltage instability is easy to cause the service life of the project-light lamp, so when using project-light lamp must regularly check whether project-light lamp voltage stability. 3. Current small project-light lamp stroboscopic one is below 100 hz frequency change, such a stroboscopic can be captured by people's eyes. And another stroboscopic is changing the frequency above 100 hz, the stroboscopic won't be seen. For traditional project-light lamp is due to the use of alternating current power supply, so its brightness will also change along with the cycles of the alternating current (ac), which is blinking. Looking at the influence of the above LED project-light lamp stroboscopic reason after everyone is some understanding for the stroboscopic problem? If you want to buy the stroboscopic low incidence project-light lamp, it is important for manufacturers. Such as photoelectric this brand is very good, in the domestic lighting lamp brand reputation is very high, you might as well to the manufacturer's website to consult and understand. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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