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Led the urban surroundings is to save resources dynamic reduction

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Led dynamic emission source of urban surroundings is to save resources: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 05 - 29 views: the author bring the LED lighting industry in terms of optimizing news and information! With the rapid development cities, construction of the growing importance of night scene. In recent years, however, often can see many places in the peak season for desperation, closed landscape lighting requirements. Public opinion landscape lighting consumes the larger error is inevitable, but this is the case? In the implementation of rope, authorities found such an interesting contrast, i. e. , designs city-lighting, dynamic emission reductions. How much electricity designs city-lighting need? This is a question many people are curious. Experts in a medium-sized city, hunan province has carried on the field test, in the total length of 3. 5 kilometers along the city sight, there are hundreds of buildings, including 18 layers above the administrative office of about 20 buildings and commercial buildings, other than for the small high-rise residential building with the modern. The overall lighting using LED lights to mix and match, because of itself of lamps and lanterns saving energy, power consumption is only one over ten of the same power, the same lamp lighting, lighting electricity in a tower in 10 kw, ordinary building lighting electricity 1 ~ 3 kw, landscape lighting of whole sight only 200 ~ 300 kw power. From the bureau of statistics data released, the resident households average monthly electricity consumption of 87 KWH, residents at night about 2 ~ 3 kw, that is to say, the whole sight of lighting electricity only equivalent to hundreds of city residents daily electricity. , after the completion of the project in the LED landscape lamp, shoot the light, and the reflecting pool, river construction all bathed in bright light, with the traffic on the street lights and blend with the lights of the city, reflect each other, and constitute a distinct and dynamic view of the nighttime sky. Lighting facilities to run after a period of time, the power supply department was surprised to see that in the hot summer, always power consumption soaring sight power consumption is decreased compared to the surrounding residents. Through the survey found that the original beautiful night scenery attracted tens of thousands of residents took to the streets, people put out the lights of the home, closed the energy-hungry appliances such as color television, air conditioning, leisurely stroll in sight, with all my heart to enjoy night life emotional appeal and the urban construction achievements, new way of life has brought considerable energy saving effect, achieve the 10 times or even more than 10 times of dynamic emission reductions. Lighting of buildings, structures, mainly adopts the LED spot light, LED light, LED lamp, LED lamp and other special modelling, reveal modern breath, form the beautiful night scenery line. Them with good weatherability, life is extremely low light failure, changeful color, form flow changes of illumination, lighting, building decoration, the outline of the urban construction in the field of bridge lighting applications. In the outline of a building in clearance light, for example, using red, green, blue three colors of LED lighting combination principle, under the microprocessor control can change according to the different modes, such as continuous water ripple discoloration, timing, discoloration, gradient, transient, form a night filled with skyscrapers. Light up the street, saving lights. Overall dynamic emission reduction is, as it were, a systematic construction, designs city-lighting after is a political, economic, social and the harmonious development of human settlements of new path. Beautiful bright light, lit up the city 'dark area', reflect the development of the whole region and vitality, making people more open to public night spots, more pleasure, more health, intuitively felt the great changes of the city. In the modern society, designs city-lighting has not only a simple lighting and energy-saving projects, and beautify the living environment, the important measures to increase the city reputation. As the extension of a lighting time, quietly push hot night economy and mass cultural activities. Groups, when night falls, people under the bright lights, entertainment, fitness, or leisure, with his laughter and singing, for the city adds to the fun. Good environment is also further enhance the influence of the city, improve the investment environment, effectively improve the foreign business people and tourists on a city's identity. Zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD always adhere to the focus lighting engineering design, construction, adhere to the 'builders spirit' business philosophy, is willing to work with new and old friends, win-win cooperation, create a better future! Service telephone:, welcome to inquire! 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