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LED underwater light and the correct method of use

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
A lot of people have to see in the city where the pool have to install some LED underwater lamp, the underwater light will sink in the dark light, for people can be in the summer to enjoy the cool pool and beautiful surrounding scenery. Then this underwater light is to master the correct method of use, photoelectric tell everybody, because use error will affect the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns, at the same time will affect the service life of lamps and lanterns. 1. And surface distance of 5 meters above the city installed the LED underwater light is to achieve the best lighting lighting effect, if use of lamps and lanterns and distance closer to the water, light is dazzling, not to light up the water in the pool is very good. Installation personnel should pay attention to the Angle of 25 degrees, the controller in this Angle and the depth control effect will be better. 2. Using super power when choosing LED underwater light is naturally according to the scope of use to select, if the pool area is very big, and the surrounding scenery is need hand in photograph reflect with pool in night, then the projection distance of the super power of the lamps and lanterns is a better choice. Generally every underwater light is made up of 360 light source, which each have 120 light, colors are red, blue green, rich color of lighting effect is very beautiful. 3. Use five core wires connected to the control system of LED underwater light for lighting is naturally need power supply, and underwater lamp connected to the power supply? It is to use the five core wires connected to control system, the whole control system including DMX controller, power distribution box and so on. Of course, underwater light also can adjust the pitch Angle of the light, use is the activities of the clamp. Actually LED underwater light right using method if can catch the above points, can guarantee the quality of underwater light use effect and use. In addition, must take into account when choosing underwater light waterproof level and prevent leakage, waterproof level is higher, the better, so can ensure the lamps and lanterns has higher quality, and for later designs city-lighting project to reduce the cost. More LED information in: LED underwater light.
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