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LED underwater light as the city bright chemical have what advantages?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Contemporary people's life is rich and colorful, after the busy work during the day, at night can see the beauty of the city at night, and the person I love holding hands walking together where there is water, playing for a while, can eliminate exhaustion of a day's work. So at night where there is water has installed the LED underwater light, beautiful underwater light send out seven colourful let water became colorful colorful, brings a fairyland. 1. Strong stability of long service life LED underwater light is by power distribution box, distribution box is usually have enough power for the use of the lamps and lanterns at night time. Professional manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of batteries are used in the production of lamps and lanterns itself has a very good storage capacity, and have to over charge and discharge protection,, in turn, can be very good to ensure the stability of the light, long service life of lamps and lanterns. 2. Energy conservation and environmental protection free from contamination emitted a lot of people are worried about LED underwater light is contained in infrared light and ultraviolet light, etc. , in fact you don't have to worry about this problem completely, because professional manufacturer has emerged in the design of optical filter, and so the emitted light is no harm to human body, such as photoelectric. And won't produce lead and mercury, and so on of poisonous and harmful substances, saving power is 10 times higher than incandescent bulbs, so reduce the pressure of the city power supply. 3. Large exposure area high safety LED underwater light the lamps and lanterns of the shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting, and paint spraying anti-corrosion outside, with high efficiency and energy saving of LED chips and circuit boards, large exposure area, high brightness, can very good make sure around the pool must be within the scope of the lighting problems, ensure the safety of the pedestrians in the surrounding activity. LED underwater light as designs city-lighting tool has simple and convenient installation, maintenance, low maintenance cost advantages, so the urban lighting, can use of underwater lamp to make the night landscape of guilin landscape, let every landscape of guilin landscape can become an indicator and characteristic in the city. More LED information in: LED underwater light.
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