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LED underwater light procurement, from what aspects

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
About the application of LED underwater light place, it is very extensive, especially some sightseeing spots, used in underwater lighting, also can be used in underwater light show. And when we in the purchase, should from which aspects? Known as a strength reliable trustworthy business nature is one of the most important, product quality is guaranteed, without fear of pre-market after-sales service. Other is light to consider some of the hard Numbers, select aspects. 1. Light level of dust, according to international standard is divided into six grades, including six highest, will be marked as the IP6X; Waterproof level for 8 level, different levels correspond to different effect, in which 6 levels for water splash, 7 is watertight, 8 is pressurized watertight type, natural level is the highest level for 8, labeled IPX8. In underwater applications need to dust at 6, waterproof reach 8, tagging IP68, application in the majority. 2. Security options, must be in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, use 12 v safety voltage. Material applications because of the water, waterproof and anti-corrosion, compressive strength, certainly is very important. Depending on the use of its shell, and lamp sealing, the material must have certain important, avoid to float the water pressure is too large. 3. Lighting features, according to the application of environment place, want to build what kind of atmosphere, and different color combination can achieve different atmosphere. 4. The last one is more concerned about a problem, that is the price, affirmation is economy is given priority to, of course is the local tyrants is another matter. Economy is given priority to, choose the highest ratio of LED underwater light, is the ultimate goal of each procurement business. High quality of underwater light, install and use will be more safety guarantee. If covet is cheap and didn't buy to meet the requirements of the use, the leakage cause safety accidents, it is not just about the maintenance cost. So we still necessary before purchasing LED underwater lamp, to understand the market, we, too, according to use demand for related material models of underwater light. More LED information in: LED underwater light
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