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LED underwater light underwater applications, have what advantage characteristic

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Leds is widely applied in the market in recent years, it has to help its high efficiency, energy saving, long life and other characteristics. The LED underwater light is a kind of LED lights and is mainly used as in the bottom. Mainly for the LED as light source, nature also has the characteristics of all the LED lights, and anti-corrosion, waterproof, prevent the characteristics such as high pressure. By DMX512 control system operation can achieve a variety of color effects at the same time, in order to guarantee its long-term immersion in underwater to work, protection grade up to IP68, USES the low voltage dc power supply directly, use rise very safe and reliable. For corrosion protection, and ensure its ornamental modelling, in the shell applications, LED underwater light is made of stainless steel material, or glass fiber reinforced plastic the corrosion resistance and beautiful sex strong material. Compared with traditional under small lamp, the service life of the material is longer, can increase the show one's CARDS again at the same time, to realize color changes and can effectively reduce the power consumption of power at the same time. Let city night landscape more desirable, we can also colorful night life, no longer drab. Stainless steel shell material, not pressure resistance, anti oxygen and corrosion, even more, and concise beautiful at the same time. At the same time also convenient to the material light device and performance of radiator under water, and light in weight, the strength is high. As a result of external control operation mode, can be controlled at the same time a variety of colors. Leds are referred to as the fourth generation of lighting source or green light source, is not unfounded, as the hype. The main reason is that the energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small volume, etc. Only need a electricity, can send out a variety of colors, instantly lit night spots. We often wash the water in the fountain, water column, LED the wall to see the colorful light colorful light to reflect more mining, gorgeous, brilliant. Is the use of the effect of the LED underwater light and decorated the city landscape attractions is indispensable. But the purchasing application, choose high quality manufacturer, on the performance standards, after-sales and more convenient, save service cost. More LED information in: LED underwater light
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