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LED underwater light, what are the problems need to consider when the choice?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
LED underwater light in each city, lighting plays an indelible role, each city is to create unique lighting engineering effect, thus can be used as a point to attract the tourists to travel in the city, and then pull the economic growth of the city. So when choosing underwater light issue to consider what? 1. Security problem in many cities the depth of the pool is not the same, even the deep pool is also someone will enter it again to play, and then the weight of the body is very big, if the strong degree of lamps and lanterns is not enough, it is very easy to crush injury to people, lamps and lanterns and then install the LED underwater light is need to have good security. Then there is the lamps and lanterns should have good anti leakage effect, it is best to international standard 12 v safety voltage parameters of lamps and lanterns. 2. Lighting problem to build what kind of city lighting effect should choose the LED underwater lamp, buyers want to know what you need to clear mind of the exposure height of lamps and lanterns, light area and so on factors, but also make the lighting effect of how many kinds of color of light, can buy according to the actual application to select a more appropriate. 3. Appearance design style LED underwater light while in the pool, but its aesthetically pleasing or can improve the whole aesthetic of pool, but also can enhance the aesthetic of rope, therefore the design style of lamps and lanterns is extremely important. Buyers can customize their own styles of lamps and lanterns, create more novel and unique pool lighting effect. 4. Price problem buyers to purchase the LED underwater light natural is to consider the cost performance problems, professional manufacturer of lamps and lanterns, such as photoelectric is very good, the lamps and lanterns of materials used in production is of high quality aluminum alloy die-casting, outside spray paint with good anticorrosion performance, quality through the quality certification. Formulate price is very reasonable, and the maintenance cost is low, in the late can save a lot of the follow-up for procurement spending. To consider when buying LED underwater light comprehensive above four questions, then buy the lamps and lanterns of quality is not wrong. More LED information in: LED underwater light.
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