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LED underwater light when using, need to pay attention to what matters

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Use a LED underwater light hope to be able to build the atmosphere into various environment places need, we in the city, is one of the most common variety of fountain, the fountain open, if it is a day to also can see the spectacle, but at night, if it does not have the illuminate of lamplight, want to see the spectacular scenes, the. Under the dim light of night want to landscape beautiful, how to get all sorts of color less the illuminate of lamplight. But in the use of underwater light, need to pay attention to what matters? In order to be able to make better heat dissipation LED underwater lights, prolong its service life, in the process of using, it is better to put the lamps and lanterns below the surface of the water use. At the same time, because the lamp is installed under the water, natural need to absorb a certain amount of pressure, so the material also need a waterproof, dustproof, leakage proof, corrosion resistance, and other functions. And its shiny surface must gizzard toughened glass, the whole lamp and wire connection will need to be waterproof, leakproof measures, that is, we need to pay attention to when using do not underestimate the problem, if not ready, due to a safety accident is also possible. The colour of the lamp is using digital programming and debugging in advance, an external controller operation. General is the use of a five core wires connected to control system, by a DMX controller, a distribution box, lamps and lanterns is mixed into a complete system, can operate. Underwater light has an active clamp, can adjust the pitch Angle of light, the appropriate position, can effectively prevent corrosion circumstances let the lamps and lanterns design more perfect. LED underwater light as it is best to use underwater lights on the market at present, used the super bright LED as light source, is the green environmental protection, energy saving save electricity, at the same time, still have a long service life, to popular in the market, it is not an easy thing. But in use process, some matters need to be aware of, or keep in mind that in order to ensure the process of operation can reduce the error, normal operation, to ensure foolproof. More LED information in: LED underwater light
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