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LED underwater lights, underwater lighting experts designed for underwater lighting

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Park all kinds of fountain, all kinds of outdoor swimming pool, various kinds of shallow pool, business marketing activities, lighting art emerge in endlessly. Photoelectric can be observed in these places to the LED underwater light. Underwater light is divided into color and white light, white light is mainly lighting, to observe the situations of underwater. While colour is mainly apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere, show all sorts of different color, make the fountain performance is more interesting. Today, we are speaking about the usefulness of underwater light as well as the main trial. ___________ we found LED underwater light mainly adopts the special device, due to the pressure of the underwater work required high strength, and to prevent leakage. So comprehensive a variety of reasons, so the material is stainless steel, tempered glass, angles on the combination of strengthening material such as glass. High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, prevent leakage, and so on, is resistant to the bottom of various influencing factors. Photoelectric also there are many kinds of underwater light, various varieties of various colors for customers choose. This LED underwater light is available in the bottom five meters to very bright light, all can see the bottom. Not only adds underwater interest to tourists but also to the security personnel to provide a bright environment, can accurate saw the people who need help. Underwater light is called green light source, has small volume and durable strong concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. Photoelectric uphold the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection also positive in terms of leds to contribute to this. 3. Photoelectric also found a lot of the characteristics of the underwater light, its long service life, low power consumption, but colour and lustre is gentle light stimulation, no radiation, colour is pure pollution-free. And can work under water for a long time, safe and reliable, beautiful and generous with very strong appreciation. _____ the photoelectric also remind the matters needing attention of installation, the installation must be anti-static measures, and be sure to use dc power supply, for seals must be sealed, use the waterproof connector, prevent leakage, security measures must be as top priority. More information of the LED in: photoelectric
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