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LED wash wall lamp design and technology science

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
As people demand more and more high, LED wash wall lantern fair play is also a hot, it is used in various industries, but it still has its own confusion in the market. LED wash wall light on the issue of energy saving has been effectively resolved, but it will not be able to save money, as is known to all, it in the current market price compared to other lamps and lanterns is relatively high. Why does it have such a high price in the market? Mainly from the following analysis: first, LED wash wall lamp driver power is its high cost one of the factors that drive power source for lighting lamps and lanterns is a very important factor, it is the main function of the short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, load capacity requirements. A high efficiency, low fever, stability, good driving power source is a good lamps and lanterns must have characteristics. General wash wall lamp in the market have isolated and not two kinds, the isolation of driving power source in the usual in use process will also be able to achieve absolute security, in the process of use can be obtained at low volume, high efficiency of operation. Second, LED wash wall lamp lights brightness is good and bad will have higher requirements of the standards, in order to make the brightness of the light reaches a certain, must have related knowledge of lamp beads, different lights on the light source brightness and heat dissipation effect, there is a difference in the choice of lamps and lanterns should notice when manufacturer of word of mouth, in the market of some low grade, low brightness lights appear in the market, only the lamps and lanterns of choose a shop with a reliable quality guaranteed. Third, the quality stand or fall of radiator for the service life of lamps and lanterns is a pretty big role, most of the lamps in the market is to use aluminum as the material of heat dissipation, through the outside heat lamp bead will guide, however the quality of the thermal conductivity of aluminum in the market is also slightly different, the purity of it will directly affect the heat dissipation LED wash wall lamp, which affects the service life of the lamp and the light efficiency. Lighting effect of light source will be affected by the corresponding, so everyone in the choice of when to pay attention to choose a reliable company to buy. Photoelectric LED wash wall lamp
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