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LED wash wall lamp, designs city-lighting necessary lamps and lanterns

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Each city lighting engineering is very huge, and the large rope to be used in all sorts of lamps and lanterns, including wash project-light lamp, underwater lamp, wall lamp, etc. , and wash the wall lamp is used currently are energy conservation and environmental protection LED wash wall lamp, it is one of the necessary designs city-lighting lamps and lanterns. Some people hear the name LED wash wall light feel very strange, why is called wash wall lamp? Don't have to wash the wall effect? Actually you want to actually yes, wash wall lamp is able to wash the wall effect, it is used for light wall blocked by the dust and dirt, this wall will become clean and bright. The most common washing wall lamp is elongated, its technical parameters and project-light lamp is basically the same, the use of which is BoWei waterproof lock valve to solve the problem of the balance inside and outside differential pressure and waterproof of lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns has better waterproof effect. Everyone should know that if the cooling of lamps and lanterns is not enough good, it is easy to make lamps and lanterns of the internal parts of the heat aging for a long time, so will shorten the service life of lamps and lanterns. If is coupled with the hot weather, lamps and lanterns is very easy because of internal overheat and burst out, and then hidden potential safety problems. And good manufacturers, such as photoelectric, wash wall lamp had thought of the design of the heat dissipation problems, thus to produce LED wash wall lamp, the cooling effect is very good, the longer service life of lamps and lanterns. LED wash wall light structure is actually very simple, it's the power module is installed inside the shell of lamps and lanterns, the use of advanced production technology will be one of the encapsulated chip and circuit boards, and then use was made of aluminum alloy shell for installation in order to protect the internal core parts. Spray paint is also outside anticorrosive moistureproof effect is very good, so can ensure the normal use of the effect of lamps and lanterns for a long time. Lighting of the city is very important to the development of the city, residents want to bring a better life, then hurriedly to buy good quality LED wash wall lamp make excellent designs city-lighting project! More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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