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LED wash wall lamp, how to select the projection distance right?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
People studied physical knowledge should be clear, LED wash wall lamp power determines the size of the projection distance, in the context of the current market, conventional power has 18 w, 48, 24 w and 36 w w etc parameters, if want to more powerful can find professional manufacturers custom completely. So how to select the projection distance appropriate to wash the wall lamp? 1. 18 w 18 w LED wash wall lamp, luminous efficiency is 10 times of ordinary incandescent bulbs, so 18 w LED lamp brightness is equivalent to between 150 and 200 w the brightness of the incandescent lamp. If in the interior space, it can be used in September 15 square meters of the room, but if used in outdoor, the brightness of 18 w is not very big, so more appropriate some low layer building, its projection distance can be more clear within 10 meters. 2. The 24 w and 24 w wash wall lamp illuminated area is more big, the indoor space is about 20 square meters will do. But if in the outdoor, lamps and lanterns out of part of the light will be absorbed by the air, so it won't be so bright, so its projection distance can be in 15 meters more clear. 3. 36 w 36 w power wash wall lamp is more common in tall buildings, which were within 20 meters can illuminate very clear. 4. 48 48 w w power wash wall lamp or the bustling downtown in some cities is very common, it to a larger, irradiation distance within 30 meters can be very clear. Specific about how to choose suitable LED wash wall light projection distance method above is just do a simple introduction, if you want to know more specific to choose the appropriate projection distance of lighting lamp skills, you might as well consult professional lighting lamp manufacturers, such as photoelectric actually is very good, focus on the lighting lamp production research and development has been more than six years, committed to quality in sales each lamps and lanterns, super long warranty let consumers more trust. In addition, the price of the professional manufacturers of more affordable, a large number of wholesale price is lower than the market. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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