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Led wash wall lamp processing will pay attention to?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-07
Led wash wall lamp in the actual processing at the same time, itself is like a light cleaned decks, and is used to do some building decoration lighting, of course, also can draw the outline of a few large building outline, they have a strong energy saving or efficient features, color is very rich, especially long service life, led wash wall lamp, however, in the actual process at the same time will have more built-in chip control, applications in small factory, and can be used, there is not any controller to effectively implement the gradient or jump and color flashing dynamic effect, also can through various ways to implement some piece or is to scan processing scheme. 1) Anti-static measures led wash wall lamp in the actual process of production and production will have more mode of production, such as most of the manufacturer has a special custom solutions, and can completely in accordance with relevant provisions of the relevant work for custom, all the staff wear are required to have unified overalls, and even the esd ring or anti-static gloves, anti-static measures, to ensure that the working environment of wetting degree, also can be installed anti-static ion blower, can effectively avoid on led lights of electrostatic hazards, improve work efficiency, the lamps and lanterns of high grade higher requirements compared with the ordinary electrostatic antistatic property. 2) Note product efficacy in led wash wall light of the actual processing time, must be a lot of little attention to the effect of products, these products usually will produce some nonlinear processing, light efficiency and make the whole product in actual use when you have more clear light, pattern is relatively clear, light color is also very rich in natural, can bring a person a kind of comfortable visual effect, especially suitable for in some public places to install, and all the manufacturers at the time of installation added more color changing function, can better application in the business, let the goods become more gorgeous, may also attract more people's attention, led wash wall lamp especially the favour of people, products through a series of processing, to ensure that has strong stability, long time use also is durable and reliable. 3) Consider product temperature led wash wall lamp in the actual processing, also want to consider more product temperature leads to the rise of temperature of light source internal resistance change, small and stable pressure of power supply, will surely have a more current, and more than the rated current, will affect the final quality, even for the whole led using standard will have more power to wash the wall lamp burn out will directly affect the final power supply.
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