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LED wash wall lamp, specialized factory three test before delivery to ensure quality

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
With hot designs city-lighting project, a lot of designs city-lighting project tools manufacturing enterprises have mushroomed in general, the number of new LED wash wall lamp manufacturer is numerous, they produced the quality is uneven, of lamps and lanterns differ in thousands ways, so when choosing lamps and lanterns in order to guarantee the quality of lighting engineering effect and subsequent maintenance cost must choose professional manufacturers, because professional manufacturer should pass the strict test before lighting factory, is only able to enter the market by testing the lamps and lanterns of sales. 1. The rise of temperature of the cooling temperature test LED wash wall light heat dissipation can be said to be the most basic of qualified products testing, because if the temperature of lamps and lanterns is very fast, the cooling effect is poor, chips and circuit board inside the lamp is easy to burn yourself or rapid aging, which makes the short service life of lamps and lanterns, to bring economic loss to the customer. 2. Waterproof and dustproof test due to purchase some LED wash wall lamp is installed on the outdoor walls above, and will accept the wind and rain in the outdoor lamps and lanterns, so manufacturer can simulate real outdoor environment, check out how the lamps and lanterns has waterproof effect, dustproof effect how, if not have good waterproof dustproof effect is unable to flow into the market. Waterproof protection grade reaches IP65 is of quality grade, just can be at ease buy. 3. Failure test failure test is a important LED wash wall lamp test project, the test project is electricity to lamps and lanterns, in the actual environment simulation in use, to see if it will happen failure problems. In general, in order to prevent the output power of short circuit or internal components failure happened in the current fire danger, so the output power of the will in the product area and fuse, adding flame retardant materials, to ensure the safety of the lamps and lanterns. As long as it is a professional manufacturer before they go out through the above three tests, the quality of the LED wash wall lamp is guaranteed, such as photoelectric, procurement staff can rest assured purchase. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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