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LED wash wall lamp, the international famous buildings of choice

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Architect i. m. pei said a prediction: the future development of construction industry is not only described the beauty of the building itself, there are many factors can determine it in the next few decades or even hundreds of years China and the United States will continue. When this is just as a master of regrets, hurried over twenty years when the predicted to become a reality, people just suddenly realize aftertaste up the words of the master. The emergence of everything because LED wash wall lamp. Construction industry is also called the build in ancient times, the craftsmen to build is a regime of dinner. Palace in the late qing dynasty made a series of royal supplies is also known as the early out. So, the mainstream of the construction industry is' camp ' 'make' change to modern vocabulary, camp built again. Have since ancient times for the decoration of buildings, the archives has described the house, and whenever the new moon HaiShi, three main halls of the Forbidden City to hang red lanterns on time, the diameter of the lantern was five feet, about one meter around six, for 2 1/2 feet high, hung lanterns have been to the fifteenth day of the first HaiShi can be removed. What is the purpose of the red lantern 'mean? One is to add festival, two to three main halls of the imperial palace ablaze. This is close to the modern science and technology human buildings using light to add color at a time. YiFoEr tower in its early days, the choice of light source is the searchlight. On dark nights crossover hit yao in the spire, the formation of a triangle, four lines is very shocking. Notre Dame DE Paris, the anterior wall of every 10 meters has a square beams, night time like curtain, sparkling ripples. In the 21st century, the more beautiful a show is on Ukraine's National Day, linger around the parliament building green light, very bright. Everything from wash wall lamp, the role of photoelectric LED wash wall lamp has been adopted by many countries landmark buildings, a provincial light feeling good, second is integral aesthetic feeling, can foil a building & 360 deg; No dead Angle. LED wash wall lamp use originates from the development of science and technology, people's understanding level of beauty, beauty of the building is not only a concrete, but need the set off of the light, to bring out the best in each other, more ambitious. More LED information in: photoelectric LED wash wall lamp
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