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LED wash wall lamp, what kind of color specification are there?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
Most of the people to the understanding of the LED wash wall lamp is white color, wash wall lamp is actually can have a colorful, it is because of the colorful LED wash wall lamp will every makeup dot the city's bright and beautiful. So a lot of people think to wash the color of wall lamp is countless, but actually wash wall lamp probably summed up in three kinds of the color of the specification, the following is to say the specific. 1. Colorful colorful color LED wash wall light emitted by colorful color is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, some manufacturers to make colorful color lamps to light more novelty, then add a lot of compound color, so that give off light, wash wall lamp is very fantastic, and the whole building is dressed up very brilliant. 2. Full-color full color wash wall lamp is very rare, because full color wash wall lights make the entire environment appears more confusion, so use this full color wash wall lamp is bustling metropolis, and the height of the building is more than 40 layer, so the colour of the height of the wash wall lamp out will be more orderly, with space and time, so full color effect is stunning. 3. Monochromatic monochromatic wash wall lamp is mainly the role of lighting, because monochrome wash wall lamp lighting effect is better. In a small city, monochrome wash wall lamp usage is very big. Of course, monochrome wash wall lamp can also be used as indoor lighting, this will let indoor space appears more orderly and clean. Of course, if you need special color LED wash wall lamp are completely can, you can't buy in the market to buy, but to wash the wall lamp professional manufacturers to customize, and to find a high level of professional lighting lamp manufacturers, such as photoelectric actually is very good. Focus on research and development and production of lighting LED lights, the use of the lamps and lanterns of spare parts are high quality, coupled with advanced production technology and production equipment to ensure the quality of the production of lamps and lanterns. In addition, the more the LED information in: LED wash wall lamp.
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