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LED wash wall light applications, mainly in which environmental scenarios

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
For the LED wash wall lamp, maybe we don't really know, but in many seen its manufactured landscape environment places. Especially the urban lighting effect, the illuminate of buildings, it is essential. This lamp can make light like water washed metope, plus line lamp applications at the same time, the architecture for lighting, also can draw the outline of the outline of large buildings. Most used in the city, as the government's lighting engineering, stage, conference, business places wrote, display lights, ancient architectural complexes, cultural square, elevated overpass, landmark building external wall, building exterior surface of panoramic flood lighting. Landscape building building, outdoor plaza, landscape and metope, exhibits brush color, can be applied. And big cities first wall lamp basically is common in the outdoor project. Can undertake a variety of color changes, dazzle beautiful and colorful, is the light show. Colorful LED wash wall light color is colorful, concrete is used according to different environment, to achieve what kind of effect to adjust and control. And its controller is achieved by programming code, so very intelligent. The realization of the photosynthetic efficiency, mainly lies in the success of high-power LED as light source, service life is long, more than 5000 hours. This kind of light bar, the high quality of the shell is usually an aluminum material. Due to its design projection Angle adjustable range is very large, the brightness is high. Lamp shell outside have a fixed screw holes, convenient for the installation of the interface. For the different needs of customers for the LED wash wall lamp, not model rules of lights. Also can undertake professional design, of course, is a powerful manufacturer. Especially controller, is the need for professional programming design, so you can be in use process, realize the intelligent operation. Like the use of the physical, it is best to find good source vendors, after all vendors or suppliers of lamps and lanterns, basically give priority to with sales, after-sales maintenance about technology, the protection is not strong.
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