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LED wash wall light effects, and what is the difference between line lamp

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
LED wash wall lamp power is larger, and can be used according to the actual environment places needs to achieve maximum wall washing effect, color is rich, strong strength, intelligent control. And a light there is no such effect, just in the whole effect can have the effect of outline outline. Wall lamp mainly for elongated, porous, different hole can make different color lights, or the same color lights, or various kinds of lights are. So whether it's in the building or the application of indoor venue, than wide, effect is good. Large power LED wash wall lamp light can wash the wall effect, while line lamp can't. LED lights used is the luminescence diode, the physical principle of can transform electric energy into light. Relative to the line type energy saving what oh, there is different also, in the form of energy-saving oh what mainly save electricity lighting, is at the top of the lamp holder, the lower is the tube structure. And luminous principle is also different, leading the LED light-emitting diode radio can be transformed to light energy, and IED is essentially a small LED lamp bead is encapsulated in epoxy resin. So we can't seem to see it at ordinary times, because really very small, also very light. And very low power consumption, easy installation and use, popular in the market is also understandable. Line energy-saving lamp luminous principle is through the ballast to lamp filament heating and implementation, and with the increase of time, will produce certain temperature. Daub and temperature of 1160 k, such as about the filament will start to launch electronic electronic powder, and when the electron collision to argon atom produces inelastic collision. So that the argon atoms collide and then obtained the energy and started hitting the mercury atoms, mercury atom after absorbing energy transition process will produce ionization, and 252. 7 mm uv, uv and inspire phosphor luminescence. LED wash wall lamp luminous principle is about much more simple, direct use of semiconductor materials produced by leds, can directly convert electrical energy to light energy, and electro-optical efficiency is very high, at the same time, energy saving, intelligent operation. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp
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