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LED wash wall light heat dissipation performance will be affected by what factors

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
High power LED wash wall light in use process, the heat dissipation is good or bad, will directly affect its service life. In addition to the quality of the lamp itself due to external factors will also affect the heat dissipation. So in addition to the purchase, we will choose to buy more high quality lamp, install and use, and some matters need attention. 1. The influence of the lamp bead: although the brand does not necessarily depends on its quality, but the brand must be guaranteed. Feat of wash wall lamp, LED lamp bead quality will also affect the wash wall lamp heat dissipation performance. But different brand of lamp bead quality also differ. In general, a line of brands and the second - and third-tier lamp have a larger difference between the beads, and these differences, also directly affects the size of its heat dissipation. The better quality light bead, the cooling is, the better, the service life of the natural is better. 2. The influence of the shell material: wash wall lamp shell material and thickness will also affect, normally aluminum material will be better than other materials coming very much. At the same time under the same aluminum material, different thickness of the aluminum material may also be affected. Like the thicker the shell, heat dissipation and can more quickly, naturally, longer service life. 3. Medium: the influence of the LED lamp bead between the shell and is produced through the medium of thermal conductivity, and use what kind of material medium, will directly affect the LED wash wall light heat dissipation performance, so as to affect its service life. 4. Environmental effects of outdoor use: wash wall lamp outdoor environment will also directly affect the degree of heat, when the shell working temperature is below 10 degrees, can directly lead to wash the wall lamp life of the lower half. Under normal circumstances the temperature is 65 degrees, which is good. Understand some of what factors influence on LED wash wall light radiation capability, in the purchase and use, also will be more know fairly well. Choose the right light, long service life, low purchasing cost, also can reduce more than after-sales service costs. Need not be the pursuit of the best brand, but must buy the best quality, directly affects the after-sales maintenance. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp
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